Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Explained

How Does Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Work?

how does Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy WorkEverything the happens in our bodies always takes place by the exchange of electromagnetic energy in between the cells. The natural electromagnetic energy is controlling our chemistry, and when due to any cause, there occurs a disruption in this energy, then our cells are impaired and dysfunctional. Different conditions can cause disruption in this energy like from wifi signals, electromagnetic waves from most electronics devices (like cellphones), injuries, intense workout, even aging, or a bad diet, even any traumatic injury. When any of these happen your cells are damages and out of alignment which is where diseases and pain or inflammation will start to occur.


Rebalancing Your Electromagnetic Energy

Thow does PEMF Workhe healthy electromagnetic exchanges within the cells can be brought back in order by using PEMF technology with a complementary electromagnetic field. This is where the PEMFs come into play. The Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT) can stimulate different levels in the body. PEMFs are applied from an external PEMF Mat device (like the Omnium 1 Mat) which penetrates the body completely. This can induce a uniform effect on all cells of the body and ultimately, in the tissues, organs and thus you get full body healing within minutes of use.

What Results can You Expect from PEMF Therapy.

By applying this external electromagnetic energy to the cells, the rate of repairing bone and soft tissue (ligament and tendon) accelerates in the body. Basically, the PEMFT systems apply a uniform magnetic field which in turn induces an electric field to the tissues in the right range and duration of the field which causes a response in the cells. There is certainly no risk involved in the usage of PEMFs, and hence, you can use these systems without any worry.

how pemf therapy healing injuries inflammation

Any condition or problem can be cured by using Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. PEMFs involve a magnetic field which affects a human body on a cellular level. Thus, they can help in balancing the dysfunction of cells, whatever it might be. As soon as the cells are healthier, the health of the human body as a whole is also improved. The effect of PEMFs comes out as a decrease in inflammation and enhancement in blood circulation and muscle function.

PEMF devices are known to accelerate the tissue and bone healing process and can also reduce the level of stress and tension. They have some other benefits, and thus the PEMF therapy can surely benefit you with everything from relaxing your mind to treating a wound and healing bones and pain. They can even cure a lot of diseases. Thus, they can help in improving both physical as well as mental health.

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