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See Why the Omnium1 is the Best PEMF Device in Canada.

The Omnium1 PEMF Mat is the the first worldwide Comprehensive Health Interface (Chi-System) device made for home use and is proven to help with a wide range of health, wellness and fitness applications. Also check out the Top 10 Benefits of the Omnium 1.

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omnium1 - android platform PEMF deviceDeveloped, engineered and designed in Switzerland the Omnium1 is based on the worldwide known and established Android platform. It can be used as a regular tablet without any restrictions: Surfing the web via WIFI, sending, receiving emails and complete access to the android app structure. Android Oreo 8.1 is already preinstalled and serves as the user interface for all related applications.



Omnium1 Tablet controller

In contrast to a regular market-based tablet the Omnium1 not only contains of a specific high performance battery (18V, 9000mA/h), it is to date the world`s first tablet equipped with two serial ports (specific 20-pin connector). These accesses allow connectivity and control of a wide range of health, wellness and fitness related hard- and software applications (W@pp`s) in the nearest future. The Omnium1 is also the world`s first android based control unit which is capable of performing a 100% analog pulsed electro magnetic field application (PEMF) in conjunction with a brain wave entrainment session – evaluated and monitored by and with only ONE single control unit. Numerous W@pp`s (wellness applications) are under development and will follow over time – the possibilities are almost endless.

omnium1 modular device

The Omnium1 is a modular system and can be upgraded any time. Prevention, active health, wellness and fitness management in the comfort of your home is no longer a vision. Due to its versatility and performance the Omnium1 provides comprehensive home health management in an easy, slick and cost effective way.



iMRS PEMF Device - Android Screen

The iMRS one W@pp for Omnium1 was created based on the newest findings in terms of easy, safe and effective operation. Clear menu structure, big touch icons with easy to read font sizes and at the same time a fresh, modern and high contrast surface design allow an intuitive and simple usability within minutes of instructions. In addition the iMRS one W@pp offers 5 preinstalled quick start programs. Just click one button to activate one of the following applications:

  • Relaxation
  • Performance
  • Activation
  • Sleep
  • Regeneration

OMNIUM1 W@PP`S (Device Add-ons)

A W@pp is a well-established term to the word “App”. Basically describes a software application, whereas a “W@pp” always is a combination of software and hardware components. We have various add-on devices to help further enhance your PEMF Therapy or treatment.


omnium1 omnimat pemf device

Omnium Mat Dimensions: 68 inches (5.6 ft) long x 23 inches (1.9 ft) wide x 0.5 inch thickness

Get full body PEMF Therapy on this large PEMF Mat – the main device in the Omnium 1 system. Triple-fold, 6 built in, non-insulated, solid copper coils in 3 segments, Triple saw-tooth wave impulse and magnetic field strength max. 45 micro Tesla, increasing amount of windings from top to bottom.
Size: 68 inches (5.6 ft) long x 23 inches (1.9 ft) wide x 0.5 inch thickness


 OMNIPADomnium1 omnipad device

Great for lower back PEMF therapy! Put this on your chair at work, or in the car and get PEMF healing powers while your working or driving! This add-on is a single-fold, 2 built in, non-insulated, solid copper coils, same amount of windings, square wave impulse, magnetic field strength max. 70 micro Tesla, flexible fixing belt with adjustable extension for a simple and effective local application.


omnium 1 omnispot deviceGet PEMF Treatment in a focus area like elbow, knee, waist – anywhere you want to focus on. This 2 single segments are connected with a flexible belt. 2 built in, non-insulated, solid copper coils, same amount of windings, square wave impulse, magnetic field strength max. 120 micro Tesla, Helmholtz-effect (=homogenous magnetic field) due to the opposite arrangement of the coils during the application. Fixing belt for an easy and effective application.

Omnium1 Accessories

Tablet Case black/purple – Genuine Leather

This Beautiful and elegant full leather case cover attractively protects your Omnium 1 tablet.




PU- Tablet Case – Purple

Protect your Omnium 1 tablet with this attractive Purple case cover.




Back Pack

This innovative backpack has a pull down pouch that allows the entire Omnium 1 system to fit inside. The entire Omnium 1 system inside the backpack is extremely lightweight and portable.




Travel Bag

Durable, portable and Lightweight Travel Bag fits the entire Omnium 1 System and accessories too.




Review & Results from customers who purchased an iMRS Omnium1 PEMF Mat. See more Omnium1 reviews and results.

omnium1_pemf_device Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Irene from New Westminster, BC Canada shares her experience with the Omnium 1 Mat.

Rish from New Westminster, BC Canada explains the positive results he received from the iMRS Omnium1 Device. Helping cure his past sports injuries, as well reduce inflammation and join paint.

Memi from Port Coquitlam BC, Canada tll us how much this mat has changed the life of her, and her elder parents. Reducing inflammation and joint pain.

Chelsea from British Columbia Canada quickly explains how it helped her relieve her pain from using the iMRS Omnium1 Mat.


PEMFT Canada is offering Free Shipping Canada Wide.


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