How PEMF Reduces Joint Pain & Improves Muscle Recovery

Cure joint pain naturally with Pulsed Electro Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, also known colloquially within the fitness and body building community as PEMF, is a very contested facet of fitness science right now, many people swearing by it! But with all new age, or experimental supplementation (such as herbal remedies which are proven scientifically to work but discredited but nearly all official health organizations), PEMF is just the right answer for some people who have sustained joint injury and endure its pain, or wish to have a better road to recovery through pure energy. PEMF is the science of simultaneously breaking down everything we know about muscles, that you can’t cheat it, and advancing it. It in theory allows you to rip muscle, and then use energy not created by your body, to heal your muscles.

How PEMF increases muscle recovery

When we work out, we rip muscles, most people know this, it’s just what happens. Therefore it hurts when you work out. But what’s really happening is, you’re ripping it so it becomes bigger. While it’s in a ‘ripped’ state, it can absorb nutrients and grow bigger than it was before it was hurt. PEMF helps this process along greatly, because in order for this process of muscle regrowth to happen, your body must use energy in the form of carbohydrates, sleep, or fluids to create energy to reconstitute your muscle. Several studies on PEMF and joint pain have been done over the years and the results lean heavily toward only positive stimulation on your joints, thus reducing pain. The science of PEMF is to circumvent that, to massage and emit electronic fields that will stimulate your muscles into growing “artificially”. We can use electromagnetic fields to increase our gains after a hard workout, particularly so our body isn’t stressed, or so we can maximize the reps of the workout.

Joint pain and muscle recovery with PEMF Therapy

PEMF for joint therapy

Joint injuries are a huge problem within the fitness world, and not one that can be healed easily. Many times dangerous treatments are performed in order for athletes to continue using their joints, to have reconstructive surgery later. This is very self-destructive, bad behavior that could be circumvented by using PEMF for joint therapy. The research for PEMF in regeneration of cartilage is so strong that in New Zealand researchers were able to reconstitute 12 rabbit feet with PEMF one hour per day at a proper frequency, it aided their healing in a way that was in tune with the way it should be, which is the crux of PEMF healing or therapy, getting your body on a wavelength that otherwise is impossible or very difficult.

This makes very compelling evidence for trial within humans, and could have implications along the lines of stem cell, wherein things heal because they’re supported by things that are like them, so the cell grow healthy because the cells are healthy, in PEMF the cells grow at an accelerated rate and healthy because we know the proper vibrations and frequencies in which to do this (in theory). PEMF has great promise for the future in fitness and normal day application.

See recent research of how PEMF / EMF Helps Joint Pain and Muscle

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