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Recent PEMF Review from Customers

See videos testimonials, and written reviews of how PEMF therapy from the OMNIUM1 PEMF MAT has changed their lives. These are real customer with real results for various situations across USA and Canada.

Here are some video testimonials from recent customers who have purchased our Omnium 1 mat. They share their experience with the mat, and results using PEMF therapy.

Irene from New Westminster, BC Canada shares her experience with the Omnium 1 Mat.

Rish from New Westminster, BC Canada explains the positive results he received from the iMRS Omnium 1 Device. Helping cure his past sports injuries, as well reduce inflammation and join paint.

Memi from Port Coquitlam BC, Canada tell us how much this mat has changed the life of her, and her elder parents. Reducing inflammation and joint pain.

Chelsea from British Columbia Canada quickly explains how it helped her relieve her pain from using the iMRS Omnium 1 Mat.


“Since having PEMF treatments I have found that I not only feel more energized, but specific areas in my body have experienced a significant reduction in pain. Most noticeably for me has been my hands. The joints in my hands were feeling very stiff and achy, and now I am not experiencing any pain. I am amazed at the difference and will continue with PEMF.”

Carol D.Omnium1 Customer


“I have been experiencing long term low back, shoulder, left knee and ankle pain. While massage has definitely made a positive difference, the addition of PEMF has relieved the musculoskeletal pain and I have experienced an increase in relaxation and energy. Just a note that I noticed my differences after 3 treatments. Thanks for introducing this therapy into my regime”

Tracey F.Omnium1 Customer


“I have suffered with severe acid reflux for many years. After a couple of sessions on the PEMF mat I noticed my symptoms had eased. I have now been going once a week for 4 months and I no longer struggle with this discomfort on a daily basis. I also have more energy after a mat session”

Andrew S.Omnium1 Customer


“I woke up to excruciating pain in my left arm. My shoulder was completely frozen and I had absolutely no mobility. Within a few hours after having my first session on the PEMF Mat, I regained some mobility and the pain had subsided somewhat. By the next day, the improvement was noticeably significant. After 3 sessions, I was 95% recovered and had full mobility of my left arm. I wouldn’t have believed how effective the PEMF mat system was on my frozen shoulder, if I hadn’t experience it personally.”

Rose F.Omnium1 Customer


“Since going for PEMF sessions, I have a better feeling of inner peace and have reduced stiffness in my joints. I have also experienced relief from my chronic headaches”

John D.Omnium1 Customer


“I have chronic joint pain, scoliosis and a rotated right pelvis that has required constant physio/osteo treatments for many years. I have noticed that since having sessions on the mat, my physical structure seems stronger, my pelvis doesn’t rotate as frequently as it used to, and my joint pain has eased considerably from weekly sessions. I also have an interest in cellular repair and I will continue with PEMF sessions for my cellular health – I am excited for the future!”— Happy PEMFclient, Sue

Sue S.Omnium1 Customer


“Since going for PEMF sessions, I have a better feeling of inner peace and have reduced stiffness in my joints. I have also experienced relief from my chronic headaches”

John D.Omnium1 Customer


“I have been lucky enough to have been introduced to PEMF Therapy I suffer from an old shoulder injury as well as a more recent injury to my foot. I have had 4 treatments so far with improving results. I have almost no pain in my shoulder and it no longer wakes me up at night. My foot is also seeing improvements in movement and less pain. I do not expect overnight results, although I feel great the following day. I will continue to use PEMF Therapy as I truly feel it has helped me and is much healthier than taking a tonne of Motrin. Thank you for offering such a wonderful new treatment”

Joy-Marie H.Omnium1 Customer


“I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee with a bone spur. A few months ago I was introduced to PEMF Therapy. After a couple of days there was a change. My muscles in the abdomen area felt tight and my body stopped aching. Then as the week progressed my cravings at 4pm stopped. The strength in my knee felt more controlled and I gained confidence that it would hold me. The therapy has continued every 2 weeks for the last few months. Overall I have lost about 2 pounds every 2 weeks and now I have plateaued for a while. The weight loss will continue because I can see the fluctuation of the scale. My knee is stronger and there is no pain. There has been issues with my focus and my memory, and now after PEMF, I can see a change for the better. This therapy is exciting because it gradually changes the balance of cells inside the body and I feel and see a difference”

Lyn D.Omnium1 Customer


“In early August 2018 I got my first treatment on the PEMF mat. I noticed right away that my shoulder with its chronic pain and tightness was looser and less painful. The relief lasted longer than massage. My TMJ was also easing up. I booked more appointments to confirm and further this effort. FANTASTIC RESULTS! My shoulder has completely released along with my TMJ! I also noticed that I could no longer feel a painful area in a bone in my foot that had developed of late. Oh, and definitely feeling more energy after the treatments. So thankful to have discovered PEMF.”

Kitty E.Omnium1 Customer

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