Reducing Inflammation with PEMF Therapy & No Medication

reduce inflammation with PEMF

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) therapy has been used to treat many illnesses, pain, muscle & joint pain, and many other conditions that ail people on a daily basis. Coupled with accelerated healing and other biological improvements, PEMF therapy has been known to help with inflammation as well.

What Is Inflammation & How Can PEMF Help?

In tissues with a stronger supply of blood, the body attempts to repair cellular damage in a series of events with the main goal of restoring normal function to said tissue. Inflammation has common symptoms and some of those are: Increased blood flow causing red patches skin, increased metabolism that results in a heated effected area, Edema infused swelling, and also pain. To protect your body from diseases, your body releases chemicals from your body’s white blood cells. Redness and swelling sometimes occur due to blood rushing to the effected area.

The chemicals have been known to liquid fluid in the process which results in the swelling previously mentioned. Stimulating the nerves and causing pain, the cells thus increase and the inflamed substances in the joint may cause irritation and swelling. Acute information can last much longer than it’s supposed to and can lead to chronic inflammation. Diseases such as arthritis and tendinitis are more commonly associated with the dysfunction caused by chronic inflammation. Cancer & Alzheimer’s disease are caused by inflammation as well.

how to cure inflammation without medicationLymphocytes are very important changes that happen within white blood cells stemming from low intensity PEMFs. These changes are also known and capable to happen in other magnetic fields. The reaction ferocity cannot always be changed by one on one exposure to the PEMF. The effects of PEMF and the positive changes in the inflammation start to appear 2-3 days after the treatment has begun. Afterwards, the effects of electromagnetic therapy tend to dissolve. These kind of results hint at the notion that PEMF can be used to effectively treat other ailments when coupled with other forms of treatment.

PEMF has came a long way, but it still needs to be improved upon in testing studies to produce more beneficial results. Pulse-burst therapy is actually known to be more effective than frequency based therapy and has been documented to produce more beneficial results. Multiple forms of magnetic stimuli has shown the most amount of positive results. Some frequencies, however, do not produce good results as an intensity of 5-25 Millitesla have shown little to no results on standard T-cells. Meaning that there is no readily apparent damage to the lymphocytes. IL-2 levels need to be high enough to increase the elimination of certain inflammatory cells.

PEMF therapy is designed to target cells that have been damaged through disease or other unsuccessful therapies. With that being said, PEMF is the common method of treatment for pain that can be done without the use of medication. Reducing inflammation can be a troublesome task, however, PEMF therapy is yielding very productive results and will only increase upon said results in the years to come. See recent research of how PEMF / EMF Helps Reduce Inflammation in Various Areas


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