Treating & Reducing Migraine Pain with PEMF Therapy

How PEMF Therapy can reduce migraine and headaches
New studies have been released on the benefits of PEMF therapy to migraines and headaches. Prophylactic treatment of migraines or headaches has been confirmed and treatments have been rapidly increasing and overlapping the number of patients that request pain medication to treat headaches. See recent research of how PEMF / EMF Helps Chronic Migraines and Headaches

How Migraines Work

Migraines can be both acute and chronic pain and not only effect your job and other elements of your life, but can also greatly increase your stress even when they aren’t occurring. Doctors are still unsure of what directly causes a migraine and what paths are taken in your brain to end out in the painful hell that is a migraine. Neuropeptides are chemicals that are released in your brain that are generally picked up by nociceptors after a drastic change in your brain’s routine activity. This chemical then spreads to other parts of the brain making other cells more vulnerable to the chemical, which causes more pain.

Actively searching out the muscles around your blood vessels that are close to the surface of your brain, the muscles eventually relax which allow for better blood flow. Neuropeptides, the chemicals that are released which end up causing pain, cause the cranial area of the skull to leak fluids which causes inflammation and swelling.
Migraines are very adaptive when it comes to alternating behavior. Just a slight change in your normal routine has the propensity to cause a migraine. That is one of the more easily controlled causes of a migraine. What is not, however, are your hormones. Even though twice as many women as men get migraines, it is more common for migraines to occur more often for both sexes during puberty. Some of us who have to take hormone replacement medications often trigger migraines much more of than normal.

PEMF Treatment Of Migraines

reduce migraine pain without medicationWhile it is unclear how PEMF treatment is directly responsible in the effective treatment of migraines, the fact that the treatment has been substantially effective remains true. Physiological effects take place during the PEMF studies have been produced by magnetic fields. There are several ways in which it is thought that the treatment of migraines takes place successfully. These are the neurons of the nervous system through the neurochemical pathways, the interaction with motor cortical elements of your brain through the electrophysiological pathways, and by affecting the blood flow and circulatory system through your cardiovascular pathway.

Numerous studies have concluded that there are many benefits for the nervous system that are derived from several PEMF treatments. Magnetic therapy has also, in some cases, shown a drastic increase in the regeneration of some nerves. Not only is the brain and cortex directly effected by PEMF treatment in several studies, it has also been discovered that in certain cases PEMF has been used to treat depression. Motor cortex activity has been found to be improved by smaller frequencies of PEMF therapy closer to the 1ghz to 20ghz range.

To get positive results from treatment, you do not have to directly understand how it works. In fact, the majority of treatments for migraines go misunderstood by patients to this very day. As the amount of studies increase in the favor of the treatment of migraines with PEMT, the more that it will be offered in average pain clinics and doctor’s offices, which will get you closer to getting rid of your migraine or headache.

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