Top 10 Benefits of the Omnium 1 PEMF Mat

Why Omnium 1 is the #1 PEMF Mat in Canada

The Omnium1 PEMF Mat by Swiss Bionics, has made it affordable for Canadians to now have the treatment they need to help reduce inflammation, assist with pain from joint and arthritis, as well help with much better sleep – the list goes on, all in the comfort of your home or even on the go! PEMF therapy is the new way of healing our body from the toxins in our environment. See this video below explaining the benefits of our Omnium 1 device.

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Benefit 1: Very affordable. Lowest Priced PEMF Device in Canada!

The Omnium 1 is the least expensive and most modern full size PEMF system in Canada for home use and available at affordable prices unlike the competition. Please contact us for current discounts. You will receive an ultra-modern android based tablet with the necessary control software also called web. A fold-able whole body mat applicator. A pillow cushion applicator and an intelligent DA converter for the accurate generation of the defined frequency patterns and magnetic field intensities.

Omnium1 Top 10 - Affordable

The Omnium1 tablet is equipped with a high capacity battery which guarantees about 4 to 5 hours of continuous use of the PEMF system with the whole body applicator at high intensity. Also included are the necessary cable connections, the charger and earphones. You can use the Omnium1 tablet like any other tablet with all the available android apps. Optionally available at an extra charge are the brain wave stimulation systems, Omnibrain and the intensive applicator, Omnispot.

Benefit 2: Very Portable.

Omnium 1 PEMF Mat - portable and compactThe Omnium1 PEMF Mat is very compact while offering all the benefits and functions of the stationary PEMF system. The new generation of applicators has the identical components of a stationary PEMF system but because of the new folding construction, it offers the possibility to transport this compact applicators easily. now you can take your entire PEMF system easily anywhere an use it everywhere. A special carrying bag and a modern backpack are also available as accessories.


Benefit 3: Future Oriented

Omnium1 Top 10 - Future Proof

The Omnium1 is future oriented. In comparison to stationary PEMF systems, the Omnium1 PEMF system is designed for future upgrades and enhancements without additional investment in hardware. All functional enhancements and improvement that we will develop over time can easily and conveniently be downloaded to your Omnium1 tablet from the internet via the update function and these updates are also free.

Benefit 4: Very Powerful

Omnium1 Top 10 - Powerful PEMF

The Omnium1 tablet is equipped with a built in high performance battery with over 9000mA/h with the help of a specially developed power management on the motherboard, it is now possible to generate analogue electromagnetic signals which are emitted through the connected area applicators. The electricity independent, continuous operation over a long period is now for the first time possible with a PEMF full body system. This feature is unique in the world.

Benefit 5: PEMF to GO

Omnium1 Top 10 - On The Go

The local applicators feature a variety of applications thanks to the supplied Velcro straps, the Omnipad and Omnispot are designed specifically for use on the go and do offer all the advantages of a stationary system including built in non-insulated copper coils with the help of a supplied Velcro straps, PEMF can be applied to virtually any part of the body with one of the two applicators and the user no longer has to hold on to the applicators during a session. This now allows hands free PEMF applications. For example at the office, while watching TV, in the car, on the train, on the plane, during lunch, on the boat, in the motor home, at the beach, in your backyard and at the sports field or arena, literally at almost every occasion.

Portable PEMF System - Omnium1 Canada

Benefit 6: Very Efficient

Omnium1 Top 10 - Efficient

The Omnispot is a full-fledged Hem Hold applicator. The physically described Hem Hold effect ensures a homogenous magnetic field in the exact centre of the two opposing magnetic field coils. Omnispot uses this effect and provides a uniform magnetic field with virtually no loss of efficiency in the centre of the two coils supplied.

Benefit 7: Very Versatile

Omnium1 Top 10 - Versatile

The Omnium1 is the world’s only compact PEMF system with two different waveforms depending on the applicator used. The full body applicator produces the so called triple saw tooth waveform which achieves due to the extremely fast rise and fall times of the pulsating magnetic field and the frequency diversity, the best and most efficient resonance potentials for the user while at the same time preventing the well-known fatigue effect of the very simple waveform such as sine waves or static magnets. Both local applicators, Omnipad and Omnispot produce a square wave pattern which has also been found by NASA to be extraordinarily efficient based on their large and meaningful landmark study.

Benefit 8: Combined with Brain Wave stimulation.

Omnium1 Top 10 - Brain Wave with OmniBrain

The Omnium1 is in fat the world’s first compact PEMF system which simultaneously allows magnetic field application and brain wave stimulation controlled by one and the same wap. With the option of the omnibrain, you can expand the Omnium1 system to the possibility of using specific light, colour and sound frequencies to stimulate the brain. This combination not only saves time but also increases and optimizes the holistic wellness effect during each application.

Benefit 9: Built in organ clock

Omnium1 Top 10 - Organ Clock

The Omnium1 features the built in organ clock. The PEMF application with the Omiun1 control app is easier and safer than ever. the built in organ clock automatically regulates the applied frequency pattern depending on what time of day and night the user performs a whole body application. With only three simple taps on the touchscreen, application time, intensity and start button, a PEMF application can be started immediately.

Benefit 10: Very easy to use.

Omnium1 Top 10 - Easy to Use Interface

The Omnium1 control wap has already 5 pre-installed quick start programs which can be activated immediately and without prior knowledge by simply touching the designated button. Whether before sports or quick regeneration afterwards, for relaxation, for activating an increasing your body’s energy levels or to prepare for deep relaxation and sleep, simply press the respective button and the selected program starts itself. This is as simple, safe and efficient as it gets.

The android based Omnium1 PEMF system in Canada, unbeatable value for your money, innovative, safe, efficient, unique, and incomparable. Contact us to order yours today! See pricing here

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